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Compass Box Recap, and special offer - Sale prices on bottles extended through Thanksgiving

For a short time only, get a free Eluethera 50 mL Nip with each full-sized bottle. read more...
November 16, 2017


Compass Box

Last Thursday we hosted John Glaser from Compass Box and let me tell you, this gentleman is great at what he does: making wonderful whisky.  John really looks at the whisky he puts in the bottle; it is always well balanced, has great flavor and mouthfeel, and an excellent finish, every time. Compass Box Scotch is like a home cooked meal: many restaurants serve great food, but a home cooked meal is what you really need. John puts his heart and soul into the whiskies which makes every bottle special. During the tasting it was wonderful to watch as people tasted the different bottles: their reactions, expressions,  the joy as the whisky hit their palates -- just very special (as are the whiskies). So that you won't miss out on some of these limited whiskies, we're sweetening the deal from now until Thanksgiving (while supplies last). Read on for details.


Available now:

Hedonism is John's first whisky. It is often the first grain whisky that people taste and it is a gem. Regularly: $114.99 - $104.99

Spice Tree is a wonderful malt whisky that is a real crowd-pleaser. A bottle to pour for people who don't know Compass Box to introduce them to John's great work. Regularly: $69.99 - $62.99

Peat Monster -- If your a fan of a peat, the Peat Monster is special malt with great mouthfeel, balance and a lot going on. Very Special Regularly: $61.99 - $56.99

Double Single (Limited Release)  One cask of malt, one cask of grain whisky. The marriage of the two is just beautiful. Jim Murray picked as a Whisky Of The Year. Regularly $174.99 - $164.99

Phenomenology (Limited Release) (is an approach that concentrates on the study of consciousness and the objects of direct experience) This is a whisky that they are not posting tasting notes until December sometime - you can do notes and send them to Compass Box soon. Everyone's tasting notes are a little different but all agree that the whisky is wonderful. You can have some fun or just sip the scotch and enjoy. Regularly: $184.99 - $166.99

Spice Tree Extravaganza ( Limited Release)  This will be one of those bottles that after it is sold out people will go to great lengths to obtain another bottle (like all the Limited Releases) so get it now. This is a gem you do not want to miss. Regularly $139.99 - $124.99

No Name ( Limited Release) This is the Peatiest whisky that Compass Box has made, and boy is it ever. This will be enjoyed by many people, but so many will not be lucky enough to get one. Very special juice - it will go fast. Regularly: $149.99 - $134.99

Eluethera (Discontinued) is a scotch that Compass Box had to discontinue and what a great whisky. We have some nips of Eluethera, which we will include with each bottle sold until Thanksgiving or until supplies run out. ($9.99) balue. This is a chance to taste precious malt that so many will never try. Only available on the whiskies listed above and only for stock in the store.


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For more info or whisky purchase requests, email joe@federalwine.com

or call him at 617.367.8605, ext. 151.


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