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Wines for the Feast

Pinot Noir was the tasting favorite for the second week in a row. Both experienced and newer tasters praised the organic 2015 Rafael Pinot Noir Lauren's Cuvee for its character, depth, richness, and balance. It's a structured all -purpose and winter weight Pinot.
November 7, 2018


Two bottles of the 2016 Domaine Pignan Chateauneuf du Pape showed very differently. The first bottle had been open for a day and was smooth and succulent with the fruit garrigue flavors that you look for in the wine. Tasters ran through it fairly quickly. The freshly opened second bottle was initially hard and closed. This suggests that the wine could be very good for the holidays, if opened and decanted a couple of hours in advance.

The 2016 Ridge Geyserville was classic in its expression. Those who like Zinfandel (a field blend, it is just below the 75% minimum to be labeled as such) found it very appealing. Many felt that the 2015 Dievole Chianti Classico Vigna Sessina Gran Selezione was intriguing but very big and very young. Again decanting well in advance is suggested.

The 2015 Dr Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten 'Fischerei' G him and him and him andG Rieslingwhen first opened showed so much ripeness that people thought it had an element of sweetness. This quality disappeared as the wine was exposed to the air and warmed him and him but did raise the question as to whether Greta Growth wines could contain any sweetness. The answer is they can, but limited to 9 g/L which is considered dry under the German wine laws.

Most people liked the ripeness and spice of the 2016 Francois Villard Condrieu Deponcins.


2016 Francois Villard Condrieu Deponcins; Aroma: mineral earthy rather dense, fruity acidity, firm, firm; Mouth: clean bright lemon-limey, firm, juicy acidity, good tension and mouth clinging richness firmExcellent 69; Mixed Case, 62.1; Case, 58.65

2015 Dr Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten 'Fischerei' G G Riesling; Aroma: Clean very dense rich red slate, deep; Mouth: Fine rather rich, Fine mineral, edgy, bright, a very nice tension between mineral and fruit, open and rich with ages to go; Excellent - Outstanding 45; Mixed Case, 40.5; Case, 38.25


2015 Rafael et Fils Pinot Noir Lauren's Cuvee- Organic; Color: cloudy; Aroma: fresh very pretty, rather firm, fragrant, fleshy; Mouth: very pretty very nice, clean, elegant very nicely textured, classic Anderson mulled plum, finely texturedVery Good - Excellent 45; Mixed Case, 40.5; Case, 38.25

2016 Ridge Geyserville; Color: heady very rich, laden, very dense; Aroma: another dimension, deep, ineffable; Mouth: smooth rather rich very thick texture, smooth, deep , dark notes, clean fine acidity, long, deep finish; Very Good - Excellent 51; Mixed Case, 45.9; Case, 43.35

2016 Domaine Pignan Chateauneuf du Pape; Color: medium light clean; Aroma: very fine pretty fine acid, clean firm, rather firm; Mouth: bright finely textured, firm, sweet fruit, nicely dense, firm, clean, sweet & precise with an assertive pointed drive; Very Good - Excellent 40; Mixed Case, 36; Case, 34

2015 Dievole Chianti Classico Vigna Sessina Gran Selezione: Bright ruby. Windy aromas of orchard flower and violet, deep cherry and tobacco and black pepper. Rich complex Sangiovese flavors with note of herb and game. Long complex finish. Excellent 68; Mixed Case, 61.20; Case, 57.80


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