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Sartori and Cerulli Spinozzi

Peter writes, "Last week we had a really good time with the ever entertaining Luciano Castiello. He led us through a tasting of the wines of Sartori in Verona and Cerulli Spinozza in Abruzzo."
November 1, 2017


Peter continues,

  All of the wines showed really well including the 2013 Maschio dei Cavalieri Prosecco Rive di Colbertaldo we threw in as a bonus at the beginning. This is what Prosecco should be, with persistence and complexity and really nice flavors. Tasters were impressed.
           The first white was the 2015 Sartori Ferdi Garganega. Part of the Garganega grapes used for this wine were air dried for about a month which gives the wine added depth and complexity. Luciano explained that this process also improves the aging capability of the wine. Then we tasted the 2014 Cerulli Spinozzi Pecorino Cortalto. Pecorino is a grape variety gaining rapidly in popularity. This one showed why with really pretty and balanced flavors.
           There were a lot of surprises in the tasting, none more so than the 2015 Cerulli Spinozzi Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo. Traditionally this is a rose that ages well and behaves more like a light red. This has long been the beverage of choice for the vineyard workers to have with their lunch.
           We began the three reds with the 2012 Sartori Regolo Corvina Rosso Veronese. This wine is 100% Corvina, also made with part of the grapes air dried. Luciano was enthusiastic about this one as well. We see, more and more the red wines of Verona becoming increasingly popular here. Next we went back to Abruzzo for the 2012 Cerulli Spinozzi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Torre Migliori. This is from particularly high elevation vineyards and shows the elegance one expects.
           We finished with the 2013 Sartori Amarone della Valpolicella. This is one of the new style of Amarone. The wines no longer taste like raisins and no longer have any problem with botrytis during the drying process. This showed richness and some dry fruit nuance in a very drinkable dinner wine. We would like to thank Luciano for his time and excellent presentation.           

2015 Sartori Ferdi Garganega: Floral with tropical hints and stone fruits in the finish. Good acidity and will age well. Very Good Plus Plus 17.99/bottle 16.19/mixed case 15.29/case

2014 Cerulli Spinozzi Pecorino Cortalto: Lively, medium bodied with notes of apple and pear with a nutty finish. Very Good Plus  19.99/bottle 17.99/mixed case 16.99/case

2015 Cerulli Spinozzi Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo: A full bodied Rose that is clearly capable of aging well. This is a wine for food and would make a weekend lunch very special. Very Good Plus Plus 18.99/bottle 17.09/mixed case 16.14/case


2012 Sartori Regolo Corvina Rosso Veronese: Rich, perfectly ripe cherry and wild berry fruit with notes of spice and mild herb. Balanced structure and long pleasant finish. Very Good Plus Plus 25/bottle 22.50/mixed case 21.25/case

2012 Cerulli Spinozzi Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Torre Migliori: Typical fruit, spice and balsam of a very well made Montepulciano with added texture from the long growing season. Very good Plus Plus 19.99/bottle 17.99/mixed case 16.99/case

2013 Sartori Amarone della Valpolicella: The clean modern style of Amarone with rich flavors and a modicum of dried fruit aromas. Completely dry and a long textured finish. Very Good Plus to Excellent 56/bottle 50.40/mixed case 47.60/case

11/1/17 Italian tasting case: Two bottles of each of the above wines for 269
In store only-11/1/17 Italian pack: One bottle of each of the above for $142

Bonus wine:

2013 Maschio dei Cavalieri Prosecco Rive di Colbertaldo: 24/bottle 21.60/mixed case 20.40/case


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            - Peter Hemenway


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