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Robert Foley
March 30, 2018



2014 Robert Foley White WineOrganic; Aroma: fresh clean rather ripe full, pretty fine, grapey; Mouth: juicy forward, grippy acidity, lively, clean, Lively grape forward, juicy , rather long, star fruit, & green plum; Very Good Plus 32; Mixed Case, 28.8; Case, 27.20



2017 Robert Foley Hawksbill Rose of Pinot Noir; Color: very pale clean; Aroma: pretty light clean, rather fresh; Mouth: fleshy sweet rounded, light acid juicy dense, spicy, fat; Very Good Plus 21; Mixed Case, 18.9; Case, 17.85


2013 Robert Foley Pinot Noir HudsonOrganic; Color: bright red black; Aroma: fresh rather pretty, fresh clean, pinot; Mouth: smooth clean light fresh, juicy, firm, rather clean mineral, firm, plummy finely structured dense, spicy finish; Very Good - Excellent 64; Mixed Case, 57.6; Case, 54.4

2014 Robert Foley CharbonoOrganic; Aroma: heady dense, full lighter clean, spicy , herbal oak limned; Mouth: clean rather sweet fruit, bright aid, fine tannins, age worthy, sweet rather clean, long young; Very Good - Excellent ; 43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55

2015 Robert Foley The GriffinOrganic; Color: medium dark; Aroma: sweet on the attack, freshly aromatic with notes of tobacco and sweet spice; very pretty; Mouth: clean fine acid, smooth, light and lifted, rather intense, complex with sweet spice and , smooth textured and rich; Very Good - Excellent43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55

2012 Robert Foley Cabernet SauvignonOrganic; Color: very dark opaque; Aroma: heady, reserved, deep chewy lifted, rather dense firm; Mouth: light pretty very sweet, rich fine tannins, sweet rich clean Excellent 100; Mixed Case, 90; Case, 85

2013 Robert Foley ClaretOrganic; Color: Very dark very dense Aroma: light delicate clean, elegant rather fresh, firm dense, light sweet franc, juicy; Mouth: clean smooth dense pretty fine aid elegant fine tannins, smooth sweet oak, extracted fruit; Excellent - Outstanding 145; Mixed Case, 130.5; Case, 123.25


2013 Robert Foley Touriga (Port-style) 375 ml 43; Mixed Case, 38.7; Case, 36.55


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