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January 17, 2018




 Blandy's Sercial 5 yr Madeira; Color: Light brown tan; Aroma: Clean, light & fresh, crisp minerality; Mouth: Light rather fresh clean firm very fresh herbal crisp but rounded in body; Very Good - Excellent 29.99, Tasting Price 26.99

Rare Wine Co. Historic Series Charleston Sercial Madeira; Color: light reddish tan; Aroma: clean tight, chewy round, a pronounced sweet nuttiness; Mouth: sweet rounded on the attack, firm structure, fleshy, rather tight acid, clean long; Very Good - Excellent 60, Tasting Price 53.99

2002 Blandy's Sercial Colheita 500 ml; Color: very light; Aroma: fresh rather clean, pretty, light fresh, elegant; Mouth: very fine pretty fine acid, elegant, rather firm, fine acid, poise, clean ; Excellent 68, Tasting Price 58.99

 Rare Wine Co. Savannah Verdelho Special Reserve; Color: Light yellow tan; Aroma: Clean rather dryish lightly sweet, pretty subtly floral ; Mouth: Bright acidity light, sweet clean leanish, good intensity, firm, well-structured spicy, clean, fine; Very Good - Excellent 60, Tasting Price 53.99

 Blandy's Alvada 500 ml; Color: Brown ; Aroma: Lightly fresh rather pretty; Mouth: Semisweet, light lifted clean racy and fresh, light toffee on the finish; good length; Very Good Plus 23.99, Tasting Price 21.59

 Blandy's Bual 10 Year old 500 ml; Color: medium dark; Aroma: earthy, rather clean, pretty, light mocha chocolate; Mouth: sweet rather clean fleshy, brightly juicy, rather tightly clean, fine acid, long; Very Good - Excellent 33, Tasting Price 29.99

 Blandy's Malmsey 5 yr; Color: Light medium tan; Aroma: Clean fresh light nutty; Mouth: Rather thick herbal firm well structured, chewy sweet middle, clean light, long very satisfying; Very Good - Excellent 29.99, Tasting Price 26.99

 Blandy's Malmsey 10 Year old 500 ml; Color: light tan; Aroma: light mocha, rather dense, heady; Mouth: bright clean forward, clean racy fine acid, ; Very Good - Excellent33, Tasting Price 29.99

Rare Wine Co. Historic Series New York Malmsey Madeira; Color: light tan red; Aroma: chewy thickish, chocolate infected caramel; Mouth: light sweet delicate, sweet acid caramel,very clean, long finish; Very Good - Excellent 60, Tasting Price 53.99


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