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This Week's THURSDAY Tasting

Our Annual Grand Champagne Tasting at the Omni Parker House, 4:30-7:30pm
November 30, 2017

The Omni Parker House is located at 60 School St, corner of Tremont Street, Boston.


 Our 15th annual December Champagne Tasting promises to be the best so far. We will have 60 champagnes and selected sparkling wines from outside the Champagne district. In selecting them from close to 300 tasted, we valued definition and expression over power, and precision over richness. This year, space forced us to exclude other fine ones, which will be on sale on our website. You can taste wines from 6 houses that the Revue du Vin de France rates as the best in France.
        You will find some familiar names here. Some of our favorite grands marques – Bollinger,Roederer, Deutz, Taittinger and Pol Roger – are back, the last two featuring their ultra cuvees Comtes de Champagne and Winston Churchill. They will be joined for the first time by Salon and its sister winery Delamotte. You will find excellent, small batch champagnes from houses you may be discovering for the first time – Gosset, Philipponat, Jacquesson, Alfred Gratien and Leclerc Briant.
Estate grown wines exemplify hand craft and will make up roughly half the tasting. We have many wines from champagne's premium areas: Montagne de Reims, Cote des Blancs, Vallee de Marneas well as examples from the newer Cote de Sezanne and Cote de Bar. Although Champagne's northern wet climate make the process difficult, we have 11 fine organic wines.
        Some notable non-champagnes: Of the new crop of English sparkling wines we liked Hattingley Valley and Nyetimber, the latter being the choice of the royal court. Raventos I Blanc exemplifies the best of the clean modern style of Spanish sparkling wine.
        Many of these wines come from vineyards of such high quality that they need little or no added dosage or sweetening to make them drinkable. These drier champagnes are labeled Nature, Zero Dosage, or Extra Brut.
The Sale: There is a single bottle sale price and a price for six or more of one wine, both good through December 31, and a special tasting price, only for orders placed by this Friday, December 1. To order, click the button at the bottom of this email.

The Tasting

Grand Marques

     The bigger traditional brands. Whether your taste runs to Bollinger's deep richness, Deutz's pretty grace, Roederer's lifted balance, Taittinger's suave smoothness, or Pol Roger's power, one of these will satisfy.

Sale 6 or more Special This week
Billecart Salmon

Brut Rosé 90 76.50 74.50

Brut 60 51.00 49.99
Deutz 2009 Blanc de Blancs 75.00 63.75 61.75

Rose Brut 75.00 63.75 61.75
Deutz 2009 Brut 75.00 63.75 61.75

Brut 46.00 39.10 38.10
Nicolas Feuillatte

Brut 31.99 26.99 25.99
Pol Roger

Brut 52 44.20 43.20
Pol Roger 2006 Brut 110 93.50 91.50

Brut Premier 50 42.50 41.50
Roederer 2008 Brut Vintage 95.00 80.75 78.75
Roederer 2010 Blanc de Blancs 105.00 89.25 87.25
Taittinger 2009 Vintage Brut 95.00 80.75 78.75

Brut la Française 47.99 40.79 39.79

Brut Prestige Rose 78.00 66.30 64.30
Tetes de Cuvees
The quintessence of a house style, the best it can offer, only made in fine vintages. The single vineyardSalon is among the rarest of the rare. 

Sale Special Special This week
Pol Roger 2004 Winston Churchill 299 255 249
Taittinger 2006 Comtes de Champagne 175.00 159 149
Salon 2006 Blanc de Blancs 699.00 595.00 575.00
Small and Craft Negociant
More individuality and character in these smaller production wines. Alfred Gratien ages its wines in barrel for richness, Charles Heidsieck and Jacquesson are making some of the finest and richest non-vintage cuvees. Gosset for excellence, breed and power. Leclerc Briant for power and definition in Pinot Meunier. Philipponat for elegant balance.

Sale 6 or more Special This week
Alfred Gratien

Brut 40 34.00 33.00
Alfred Gratien 2000 Brut Millesime 95 80.75 78.75
Charles Heidsieck

Brut 65 55.25 54.25

Brut 60 51.00 50.00

Blanc de Blancs 70.00 59.50 58.50

Brut Excellence 45 38.25 37.25

Grand Reserve Brut 75 63.75 61.75

Grand Blanc de Blancs 85 72.25 70.25
Gosset 2006 Grand Millesime 105.00 89.25 87.25

Cuvee 740 Brut 75 63.75 61.75
Leclerc Briant

Brut Reserve 63 53.55 52.55

Royale Reserve Brut 55 46.75 45.75
Cote de Blancs & Cote de Sezanne
Chardonnay is king here. The wines show great definition in individual styles, and stood out in our tastings for elegance, directness, or power. Le Mesnil delivers a lot of value for the money from one of the Cote's best communes. You can taste the long lees aging in Corbon's wines, the precision in the organic Suenon, the breadth in Grongnet, lift in Petitjean Pienne, depth in Larmandier Bernier.

Sale 6 or more Special This week
Petitjean Pienne

Brut 53.00 45.05 44.05
Corbon, Avize 2005 Avize Blanc de Blancs 62 52.70 51.70

Blanc de Blancs 43 36.55 35.55
Jean Milan

Extra Brut Grand Cru d'Oger Blanc de Blanc 50 42.50 41.50
José Dhondt

Blanc de Blancs Brut 50 42.50 41.50
Larmandier Bernier

Longitude Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 65 55.25 54.25
Le Mesnil

Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut 42 35.70 34.70

C+C Extra Brut 79 67.15 65.15
Montagne de Reims
Much more Pinot here – Noir and Meunier. Marguet, Bereche, and Godme are organic. Egly-Ourietand Godme emphasize Pinot Noir. Hure wines are superb value.

Sale 6 or more Special This week

Shaman Rose 59 49.99 48.99
A. Margaine

Cuvée Le Brut’ 1er Cru 70 59.50 58.50
Bérêche & Fils

NV Brut Réserve Brut 48 40.80 39.80
Camille Savès

Rosé Grand Cru Brut 67 56.95 55.95
Egly Ouriet

Brut Tradition 79.00 67.15 65.15
Hugues Godmé

Réserve 1er Cru Brut 50 42.50 41.50

Invitation 45 38.25 37.25

Insouciance Rose 54 45.90 44.90
Pierre Paillard

Extra Brut 48.50 41.23 40.23
Pierre Paillard

Rose Brut 62.50 53.13 52.13
Pierre Paillard 2006 Brut 75.00 63.75 61.75
Vallee de Marne
All three estates are organic with tiny production. Filaine only makes 4,00 bottles a year from one hectare. Laval makes just a bit more, with an emphasis on Pinot Meunier. Mousse's Special Club is his best, a bottling certified by the elite growers organization.

Sale 6 or more Special This week
Georges Laval, Cumieres

Cumieres Brut Nature 90 76.50 74.50
Alexandre Filaine, Damery

Cuvee DMY 80 68.00 66.00
Moussé 2012 Special Club 79 67.15 65.15
Cote de Bar
We taste rounder fruitier wines from this up-and-coming Champagne area. Robert Barbichon made a more complex wine from the 4 organically grown grape varieties in this blend.
Robert Barbichon

4 Cepages 48 40.80 39.80
Southern England has soils similar to Champagne, and with global warming, is getting its climate also. These are the two best we tasted, as good as champagnes at their price.

Sale 6 or more Special This week
Hattingley Valley

Classic Reserve 49.00 41.70 40.70

Classic Cuvee 75.00 63.75 61.75
The organic Raventos I Blanc is cava in its sleek, modern style. Domaine Breze's Rose is fine Loire Cabernet Franc. J Laurens makes a fine Chardonnay, Pinot, and Chenin sparkler from the south of France.
Raventos I Blanc 2014 De Nit 28.99 24.64 23.64
J Laurens 2014 Cremant de Limoux 19.99 16.99 15.99
Roederer Estate

Brut 24.99 21.24 20.24
Domaine Breze

Cremant de Loire Rose 21 17.85 16.85


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