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2016 Librandi Efeso

Unique White from Calabria, a Federal Wine Exclusive
March 15, 2018


Peter writes,

        Librandi is a special winery in Calabria. They are now entering the fifth generation of the family that has brought the unique and authentic wines of Calabria to the world. One of these wines is the 2016 Librandi Efeso made 100% with Mantonico grapes. This is an historic grape variety thought to be originally from Greece. Now it is only grown in Calabria. It is a late ripening variety producing wines of excellent phenolic maturity. Mantonico is very particular about the areas it will grow well so production of this wine is limited.

        I have loved this wine since the first time I tasted it 16 years ago. With the help of Paolo Librandi, I have finally convinced the importer to bring it back in. Since they make spicy food in Calabria, I can say that this is a great white wine to go with spicy food but it is perfect with many others too, paella for example. I can also say that this is the only white wine I have found that has saffron in its aromatic profile. The wine is medium bodied, complex and ridiculously satisfying. It also ages well.

Above is the good news, but we have only 7 six-bottle cases.


2016 Librandi Efeso: Bright straw. A wine of great personality with ripe pear, almond, mineral and saffron aromas and flavors. Excellent  $28.99; Special 6-bottle case price $149


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Please pass this on to any friends who are wine enthusiasts.


           - Peter Hemenway