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2016 Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir

Classic 'Burgundian' Pinot Noir
October 6, 2017


South Africa

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Anthony Hamilton-Russell was very excited about his 2016 Pinot Noir when I visited him at the winery last February. The growing season had been hot at the beginning, but cooler in its latter part. The wine was darker and denser than his 2015.

The 2015 Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir was an open book, sunny and friendly. It was a wine that was easy to love at first taste. Critics and tasters alike did exactly that.

The 2016 has a different character. It is a wine with secrets to tell. Darker and more brooding then in 2015, it makes a stronger impression on the palate and promises delights to unfold ahead. It is not so opulent as the 2015 at the same stage, but more tensile, more brooding and more mysterious.

In the annual game of "which part of Burgundy does this year's Hamilton Russell evoke?" the 2016 clearly has the deep purple plum of Morey St. Denis with that commune's relative density and more rounded tannins.

I tasted it twice at the winery in February and once on returning here with consistent notes. It is a brooding, imperious wine that will go in my cellar alongside the majestic 2001, a wine for now and for the ages.


2016 Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir; Aroma: Deep very full fruit, very closed more brooding than the 2015, more reserved; Mouth: Plump, good balanced acids sweet resilient fruit, low tannin, a little tight on the finish; Very Good - Excellent 

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           - Len Rothenberg