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Smokehead Sherry Bomb 48 percent

Fasten Your Seat Belt - read on...
June 30, 2022



This striking Islay Single Malt is finished in Oloroso sherry casks. It’s peated and well balanced. With the summer upon us, it’s a great Scotch for people to enjoy on the deck or with a cookout.

The brand notes are as much fun as you’ll have with the dram:

The First Impression: Thick peat lets you know you’ve got a serious Islay Single malt on your hands. Then a fruitier, creamier feel - soft, rich oak, soothing custard, and vanilla. But don”t get comfortable - this is only the beginning.

The Full-on Flavor: Tie yourself down and wait for the oily black smoke, with a rich, heavy mouth coating peaty feel. Then along comes a sweet sticky flavor of barbecued banana ( yes, really), tangy sultanas, and dried fruits. Told you it was different.

The Finale: The peat returns, just as you hoped/feared it would. This time it brought you some authentic Spanish sherry oakiness with it, pleasingly. And one last salty reminder that you’re not dealing with ordinary here. 

I’m pleased with it. If you like peated scotch with some sherry, I think you'll be thrilled as well.

Enjoy. You will.


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Joe Howell .


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