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Folk Wisdom and Passion - Il Bocale Valentini

2020 Bocale Trebbiano Spoletino + 2018 Bocale Montefalco Rosso
July 23, 2022


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Il Bocale

Folk wisdom and passion are the simple goals of the Valentini family. With hundreds of years in Montefalco Umbria, they have now embraced organic farming. Their wines are, in fact, vegan. A Bocale is a two-liter jug in which the winery traditionally sold its wine and olive oil to locals. Is wine better that way? Well, lots of travelers to rural Italy say yes. For the rest of us, Bocale is now also bottling in ordinary bottles for export.

Their white is the 2020 Bocale Trebbiano blended with Spoletino, a white variety first developed in the Umbrian villages of Montefalco and Spoleto. Its plantings have increased lately because the grape makes wine richer and amazingly good. Everyone should try it.

The 2018 Bocale Montefalco Rosso is a classic example of Umbria’s best-known red wine. This is a blend of mostly Sangiovese with some Sagrantino, a unique grape variety brought from Rome to Umbria as a special gift to Saint Francis of Assisi. This wine has both complexity and textured freshness.

2020 Bocale Trebbiano Spoletino: Great elegance, seasoning and evolutionary charm. Peach and tropical, complex and variegated, great refreshing structure. Tall, rich central palate with fruits, flowers, and spices circling around. Excellent 23.99/bottle

2018 Bocale Montefalco Rosso: Great versatility. Matches the complexity of great wine with freshness and drinkability. Sangiovese cherry and flower and balanced tannin. Textbook Montefalco Rosso. Excellent 23.99/bottle


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