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Great Bargains in Overstocks
July 27, 2022

We love a bargain, and so do many of you. This week some certified bargains for delicious wines that were lost or overlooked in our or a distributor's inventory. We have small quantities of many of these wines.


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Wednesday, July 20, 5 - 6:30

Great Bargains in Overstocks



Great Bargains in Overstocks.

All are offered on a first-come, first served basis. Some might sell out before the tasting, and we might substitute others.

Dry German wines are getting better and better. But many Americans are daunted by their multisyllabic names., For example 

2019 Burklin Wolf WeissburgunderBurklin Wolf is one of the leading exponents of dry, light German wines from the warmer, softer Pfalz. Weissburgunder is simply German for pinot blanc. Don't let the name deter this wine's genuine pleasure. It is a dry, fruity alternative to, but comparable in style, a riper French or unoaked American Chardonnay.


Two Cru Beaujolais

The best Beaujolais are the crus, each with its distinctive personality. We got two, both from classic traditional producers.

Stephane Aviron's Fleurie is delicate and nuanced with the finesse of the commune and a structure that, while not obtrusive, will ensure some future aging. Janin's Brouilly is more has generous, exuberant fruit of its vintage and deliciously rich to drink now.

Chimera has three dictionary definitions

A misshaped she-monster 

A body made up of parts from distinct sources

A wonderful but unattainable goal.

It's not hard to guess which two of these inspired the folks at Saint Roch to name their Cotes de Roussillon Villages Chimeres. From grenache and Syrah, grown on the limestone hills of Mediterranean France, it has a complexity of fruit and structure that belie even its original price. It is savory and headily warm, a steal at our reduced price.

Michel Autran is one of the top producers in Vouvray. 

He does everything right with organic farming, hand, and equine vineyard work.; 50-70 years old vines and a rigorous selection in the vineyard. Native yeast fermentation and light use of sulfur. His wines have purity, elegant fruit, incredible length, richness balanced by acidity, and minerality. The 2018 is classic mature Vouvray

It's not hard to assume which two of these definitions inspired St Roche to name their wonderful Cotes de Roussillon Villages les Chimeres. It comes from the cooler limestone hills above the Mediterranean, combining Grenache and Syrah, which give it a spicy and earth-infused warmth and complexity. St. Roch came pretty close to attaining the winemaking grail. Its rich, supple fruit and flavor complexities made it a good deal at its original price of $24. Don't miss it at 16.99 by the case.

Crocus is a hybrid. Not the flower but the brand of Malbec from Cahors in southwest France from a partnership between Bertrand Vigoueaux, whose family has farmed Cahors for over a century, and talented American winemaker Paul Hobbs, Crocus Calcifere is a reserve bottling. The limestone and iron-rich soils of the high plateau above give a higher tone and earthiness, fleshed out by black fruit with a round and supple texture. It has the more pronounced earthiness that you get in France but a New World polish, smoothness on the palate, and red and black fruit purity.




2019 Burklin Wolf Weissburgunder; Aroma: rich barrel, notes to start then opens to heady, lively rather pretty citron notes; Mouth: woody at first, opens to brighter fruit, clean, lifted, even a little refreshing spritz; Very Good Plus Was 18.99 Now 15.99; Case, 13.99

2018 Michel Autran Vouvray les Enfers Tranquilles; Mouth: juicy, very peachy, nice minerality, dry with good acidity, good length, drink now; Very Good Plus Was 35 now 24.99; Case, 21.99




2019 Stephane Aviron Fleurie Dom de la Madriere; Color: dank hue light concentration; Aroma: heady rich, dense delicately etched but full and plump; Mouth: ripe on entry total fat, juicy a fine clean acid, plump in the middle, nice long finish; Very Good Plus Was 23.99; Now 19.99; Case, 16.99

2018 Paul Janin Brouilly Terroir de Odenas; Color: medium dark black; Aroma: heady, very Rich, very full, smooth, and fleshy; Mouth: direct dark Gamay fruit, medium length, light fine tannins, good length; Very Good Plus Was 18.99Now 16.99; Case, 14.99

2017 St. Roch (Lafage) Cotes du Roussillon Villages Chimeres; Color: medium red black; Aroma: very pretty, herbal, earthy spice, fresh, rather juicy; Mouth: clean, smooth textured, fresh, length, nicely complex, very long; Very Good Plus Was 23.99 Now 18.99; Case, 15.99

2015 Crocus Malbec de Cahors Le Calcifere; Color: very dark opaque; Aroma: oaky dense, very pretty nose, sweet took it some time to open; Mouth: smooth fleshy, sticks to the tongue, muted acidity, clean, rather fine lifted, very smooth, bright herbal finish; Very Good - Excellent Was $45, Now 29.99; Case, 24.99, two cases only


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