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Michel Couvreur - Blossoming Auld Sherried Whisky 45%

Rare and Intricate - read on...
February 26, 2022



Michel Couvreur had a very personal and truly revolutionary vision of what whisky should be: more than terroir, more than the distiller’s touch; the maturing in oak casks truly helped the grain spirit become whisky.

From 1978 on from the French region of Burgundy, he decided to make it his life’s work and dedicate his research to a process he once compared to cross-fertilization.

He chose exceptional casks from the bodegas with whom he had strong relationships. Many will not sell casks to anyone else. 

The result is extraordinary whisky; indeed auld school. Give it some time in the glass for it to show impressive depth and is intricacy at levels that you do not get the opportunity to see very often these days.

Put it in a glass in front of someone who will appreciate it. The response will probably be

Wow, what is this ?”

“Can you get me a bottle?”

Though this is not inexpensive, it feels so much better when you look at it as $12 an ounce.


Michel Couvreur - Blossoming Auld Sherry 45%

A Special Whisky

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