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Mucci Imports With Stefan and Linda Vaja

Peter writes, "Last week we drifted around Italy with a bit of concentration on Alto Adige. Stefan and Linda Vaja who own Glassier winery near Bolzano were here to show some of their wines along with their importer Nick Mucci. To fill out the fare, Nick chose three other wines."
March 15, 2017

He continues,

We began with the 2015 Glassier Pinot Bianco. The wine showed medium bodied nut fruits with a tropical character. Tasters found the wine to be smooth, balanced and easy to drink. We followed this with a unique white from Sicily, the 2015 Cantine Gulino Pretiosa Albanello. Let’s just say that if you like white wine with seafood this is exactly what you have been looking for. We sold all we had of this and got some more in yesterday.

We began the reds with the 2015 Glassier Schiava. This grape from Alto Adige is also grown in parts of Germany. The wine is light, soft and supple and curiously very attractive. We served this with a light chill. Most people had never had this and most really liked it. Then we threw a curveball into the mix. From Modena, the 2009 Cantine della Volta Lambrusco was a real eye opener. Export director Anna Paola made a surprise appearance and explained the winery’s goal of ultimate quality. Persistent bubbles, complexity and a bone dry finish meant we sold out of this one as well. It will be back in stock tomorrow.

Nick brought an organic Nero d’Avola from Modica in Sicily. The 2015 Terrasol Nero d’Avola  Tracce didn’t surprise anyone. People just really liked the richness and spice. And speaking of richness and spice, we finished with the 2012 Glassier Lagrein. This is a bold assertive wine with a lot of character and everyone, including those tasters who had never tried a Lagrein before, was impressed.

All in all this was a very interesting group of wines with individual character. We would like to thank Stefan, Linda, Anna Paola and Nick for joining us. By the way, they were impressed with our group of tasters as well.



2015 Glassier Pinot Bianco: Bright straw. Nut fruits with tropical notes. Rich layered flavors.    Very Good Plus   21/bottle  18.90/mixed case 17.85/case

2015 Cantine Gulino Pretiosa Albanello:  Bright straw. Rich green apple and pear with textured saline finish.    Very Good  to Excellent  21/bottle 18.90/mixed case  17.85/case 


2015 Glassier Schiava: Ruby. Cherries and strawberries with an almond note. Soft acidity and supple tannins.  Very Good Plus  27/bottle 24.30/mixed case 22.95/case

2009 Cantine Della Volte Lambrusco di Modena:  Bright ruby red. Aromas and flavors of wild strawberries. Persistent sparkle and very dry finish.  Very Good Plus to Excellent.  21.99/bottle 19.79/mixed case 18.69/case

2015 Terrasol Nero d’Avola Tracce:  Deep ruby. Dark red fruits and white pepper spice and cinnamon.  Medium body and balanced finish.  Very Good Plus  15.99/bottle 14.39/mixed case 13.59/case

2012 Glassier Lagrein:  Very deep red. Black cherry and spice with rich flavors. Wild berry fruit, violets and dark pepper and velvety texture. Fresh with assertive supple tannin. Complex.    Very Good Plus to Excellent  27/bottle 24.30/mixed case 22.95/case

Glassier Tasting Case: Two bottles of each of the above for a special price of $ 228

(In store only) Glassier Tasting Pack: One bottle of each of the above for a special price of $ 121


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