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In-store, 5-7pm: WED, March 20th - Bordeaux, New Arrivals. THURS, March 28th - Three Craftsmen of Cru Beaujolais.
April 3, 2019


          THURSDAY 3/28

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Three Craftsmen of Cru Beaujolais


Some of the best and most reasonably priced wines of Burgundian finesse are made in Beaujolais, the southern part of that region. Beaujolais connotes for too many the thin candied-soda flavor of supermarket nouveau.. Next week you will have have the opportunity to taste how different the reality is with some of the most interesting and exciting wines of that region. Eric Janin, Raphael Chopin, and Maxime Perrachon are making some of the most excitingly, precise wines of the region at their family domaines . Your palate and pocketbook will both be happy to meet them.


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